It all started in 2018, on a Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. My phone rings, the coffee machine is on and it is already painful. It will be a long day ... I thank the coffee machine for helping me and assisting me with all my daily activities. The idea of ​​changing my mattress has been on my agenda for several months.

In all fairness, there are much more interesting things to do! Just the idea of ​​going shopping is complicated. My busy work schedule combined with all of my wife's weekly activities makes it almost impossible to have quality time to go shopping for our new mattress. And the weekend arrives, my only free time outside of my job, I like to take the opportunity to do activities that I really like, not to go venturing into traffic and go shopping, try a dozen mattresses which will probably all be more comfortable than my current mattress, that will not be hard to beat!

Visit 2 or 3 stores here and there and listen to descriptions of mattresses up and down, on sale, not on sale and understand absolutely nothing of what the salespeople are trying to explain to me when the only thing I want is is to sleep well. After all that, I'm going to have to schedule delivery not when I want it but when my local retailer is available. Just thinking about waiting a few hours sitting on my sofa waiting for the delivery guys discourages me. This scenario, I have thought about it every morning for months.

Why not treat yourself to a comfortable mattress, made here with just a few clicks in the comfort of your home whenever you want. The mattress will be delivered directly to your door in a few days by mail. You have 100 trial nights to try it out. 100 full nights to try it out and if you don't like it, you get my money back. This is how it all started at Paisi.