Product warranty:

The 10 year mattress warranty covers manufacturing defects or breakage during transport of your mattress or sleep item manufactured by Paisi, used under normal conditions.

The warranty does not cover any discomfort issues beyond the trial period on the selected item. Body impressions less than 2” are not considered a defect on the mattress. A loss of firmness in the mattress foam is also a sign of normal wear.

The replacement of one element does not necessarily mean the replacement of the other. If, for example, only the mattress has been analyzed as defective, only the mattress will be replaced. This full warranty is only valid if the mattress has been used on its corresponding box spring or on a platform bed with central support.

The warranty is reduced by half if the mattress is damaged by an inappropriate box spring. The Paisi mattress has been designed to provide its maximum performance when used with its original Paisi box spring or base. This limited warranty is provided only to the original owner.

An inspection revealing a lack of hygiene or improper use in unsanitary conditions will void the entire warranty including the 100 night trial warranty.

This warranty does not apply to fabrics, threads and / or seams unless there is a real apparent defect that could affect the quality of the consumer's sleep.

Trial period:

You have 100 nights from delivery to return the mattress free of charge if you are not completely satisfied with the comfort of the mattress.

The minimum mattress test period is 30 nights. Following these 30 nights, you can claim a return of merchandise. Plastic wrap will be sent to you to wrap the mattress properly.

Pickup will be done on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Paisi will advise you of the time slot available for pickup but cannot guarantee the exact time of pickup.

Paisi cannot be held responsible for a delay in pickup. The mattress should be packed in the plastic bag and should be easily accessible (entrance hall) for pickup.